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Dive into Dreamsabyss - an exceptional sonic project of artists known from Metal scene.

Grall - ex-guitarist of Sinister, a Dutch Death Metal Legend, member of Unblessed Divine, Manslaughter, The Black Disorder and more
Carrion - member of international Black/Industrial commando Illness, guitarist of Manslaughter & The Black Disorder

Dreamsabyss explore new layers of Ambient, Classical and Electronic genres. Our new recording is a four part soundtrack to both reality and dreams and thus we proudly invite You to our join our musical journey.

Dreamsabyss 1st part of four phase soundtrack was released in 2018. Next phase will be released 2021

Phase One: Dreams of Abyss
a1. Black Hole Trip (11:22)
a2. Paths To Abyss (11:09)
a3. Twilight Sleep (7:45)

Trailer One

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First trailer announcing arise of Dreamsabyss. Try it!

Trailer two

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Our new recording consists of four parts and around 2 hours of music perfect for headphones, movies and venues. Here You can check excerpts of all tracks from this triple album.


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